PCG Provides Additional Value When Selling Insurance Agencies

Selling an insurance agency is a different skill than developing and building an insurance agency. The actual sale of an agency is a time consuming process with a specialized skill set of its own. The issues during negotiation and potential transfer of ownership are very different than the standard daily decisions of managing an insurance agency.

The consulting experience of PCG will offer added value to the sale of an insurance agency. PCG can assist towards the maximum price for the agency.

PCG will create competition for the sale of the client agency for sale. Unless the
seller has competition, the seller has fewer offers to select from in the sale process.

PCG will prepare the agency for sale by way of organizing the due diligence phase in advance and creating confidential agreements of agency history operations, book of business and financials. If the agency is not prepared for sale by a professional, the sale price and terms will not be maximized.

Bringing in prospective buyers is only the start of the sale process. PCG has the experience to know the major buyers in this market for various specific agencies. PCG will qualify the buyers for specific agency profiles as well as the financial capability.

Managing confidentiality and qualifying buyers are the most important concerns when selling your agency. Sellers do not want to alert their employees, customers or insurance carriers that the agency is for sale and want to be insulated from potential buyers until the buyers are proven worthy. PCG will save the seller time with prospective buyers who are not qualified buyers.

PCG has been involved in the sale and merger of insurance agencies for more than twenty five years. The experience in representing over seventy agencies for sale from the seller side or the buyer side, provides PCG with a broad base of value in representing the agency owner in the agency sale process.

Agency valuations and appraisals can be provided by PCG to determine the agency's fair market value. Agency value is important prior to any change ownership due to sale, merger or purchase. The agency value should be established via the agency continued earnings power.

PCG provides additional value in the sale of agencies and the appraisal on agency valuation process.


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